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AgriestiJennifer  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3152
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AnthonyRiley  -  Student Wellness Specialist
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ArkleyJohn  -  Tech Coordinator 740-721-0520 Ext: 4004
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AusseressesEphram  -  Teacher
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BarnesConnie  -  Elementary Music Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3177
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BartleyMelinda  -  Records Clerk/Student Services Administrative Assistant 740-721-0520 Ext: 3004
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BiceAmanda  -  ESC MD/ELEM 740-721-0520 Ext: 3174
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BlockBruce  -  Teacher
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BolyardCourtney  -  Nurse 740-721-0520 Ext: 2006
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BolyardJohn  -  Mechanic/Sub Bus Driver 740-721-0520 Ext: 4005
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BrandeberryCharles  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3151
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BrandeberryMindy  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3120
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BrickRebekah  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3103
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BrowningBarbie  -  Educational Aide
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BrowningNancy  -  Cook
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BruceTommy  - 
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BruntonAmy  -  Educational Aide
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BurgessMiranda  -  Leaps & Bounds Teacher
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BurgessStephanie  -  Educational Aide
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CarrollJosh  -  Music Teacher/Band Director
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ChampBrooke  -  Treasurer 740-721-0520 Ext: 4003
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ChandlerCandy  -  Custodian
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ChristmanScott  -  Superintendent 740-721-0520
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ClawsonLindsey  -  French Teacher
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ClontzShelley  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3169
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CollinsTeryl  -  ESC High School Intervention Specialist 740-721-0520 Ext: 2021
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ColvinShawna  -  ESC Aide
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CookCarol  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3104
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CorpCarrie  -  7th & 8th grade English Teacher, Washington D.C. Coordinator 740-721-0520 Ext: 1116
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CorpMissy  -  Educational Aide
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CorpronTera  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3054
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CoxDanielle  -  ESC PS TEACHER 740-721-0520 Ext: 3055
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CraneLori  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3172
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DavisStephanie  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3153
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DecoreJohn  -  Maintenance
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DennyAmy  -  Cook
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DennyRae  -  Educational Aide
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DialGavin  -  HS Social Studies
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DickersonBrooke  -  Teacher
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DillonStephanie  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1122
[Email] for Stephanie Dillon [Profile] for Stephanie Dillon
DorseyBryan  -  Teacher/Coach 740-721-0520 Ext: 1102
[Email] for Bryan Dorsey [Profile] for Bryan Dorsey
DownsMike  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1114
[Email] for Mike Downs [Profile] for Mike Downs
DunkleRick  -  Custodian
[Email] for Rick Dunkle [Profile] for Rick Dunkle
DunnAmy  -  1st Grade Teacher
[Email] for Amy Dunn [Profile] for Amy Dunn
DutielCheryl  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3165
[Email] for Cheryl Dutiel [Profile] for Cheryl Dutiel
EdgingtonJessica  -  Educational Aide
[Email] for Jessica Edgington [Profile] for Jessica Edgington
ErvinDebbie  -  Cook
[Email] for Debbie Ervin [Profile] for Debbie Ervin
FisherAlison  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3091
[Email] for Alison Fisher [Profile] for Alison Fisher
FulkChristopher  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1111
[Email] for Christopher Fulk [Profile] for Christopher Fulk
FulkErin  -  Educational Aide
[Email] for Erin Fulk [Profile] for Erin Fulk
GivensBarbara  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3161
[Email] for Barbara Givens [Profile] for Barbara Givens
GreenJessica  -  Title One Reading 740-721-0520 Ext: 3101
[Email] for Jessica Green [Profile] for Jessica Green
HandKaren  -  Speech 740-721-0520 Ext: 3163
[Email] for Karen Hand [Profile] for Karen Hand
HarveyJesse  -  Network Administrator 740-721-0520 Ext: 4006
[Email] for Jesse Harvey [Profile] for Jesse Harvey
HavlicekKarianne  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1100
[Email] for Karianne Havlicek [Profile] for Karianne Havlicek
HeadleeAddey  -  School Counselor 740-721-0520 Ext: 1304
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HellyerJodi  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3053
[Email] for Jodi Hellyer [Profile] for Jodi Hellyer
HigginsPeggy  -  Educational Aide
[Email] for Peggy Higgins [Profile] for Peggy Higgins
HillKera  -  High School Administrative Assistant
[Email] for Kera Hill [Profile] for Kera Hill
Hook-AndersonAustin  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1104
[Email] for Austin Hook-Anderson [Profile] for Austin Hook-Anderson
HoopsCharlie  -  Mechanic/Supervisor 740-721-0520 Ext: 4005
[Email] for Charlie Hoops [Profile] for Charlie Hoops
HornDiane  -  ESC Aide
[Email] for Diane Horn [Profile] for Diane Horn
IrwinCherie  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3176
[Email] for Cherie Irwin [Profile] for Cherie Irwin
JacksonDonna  -  ESC Aide
[Email] for Donna Jackson [Profile] for Donna Jackson
JohnsonMark  -  Custodian
[Email] for Mark Johnson [Profile] for Mark Johnson
JonesKim  -  Gifted Coordinator
[Email] for Kim Jones [Profile] for Kim Jones
JonesMissy  -  College and Career Readiness Coordinator 740-721-0520 Ext: 1030
[Email] for Missy Jones [Profile] for Missy Jones
KellerAmy  -  Cook
[Email] for Amy Keller [Profile] for Amy Keller
KellerCandy  -  Cook
[Email] for Candy Keller [Profile] for Candy Keller
KnippaJamie  -  Bus Driver
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LoscoAnnette  -  Principal 740-721-0520 Ext: 3001
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LoscoAnthony  -  Principal 740-721-0520 Ext: 1302
[Email] for Anthony Losco [Profile] for Anthony Losco
LoveLisa  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1108
[Email] for Lisa Love [Profile] for Lisa Love
MarangMary  -  Educational Aide 740-721-0520 Ext: 4500
[Email] for Mary Marang [Profile] for Mary Marang
MatherAshley  -  High School Intervention Specialist
[Email] for Ashley Mather [Profile] for Ashley Mather
McfannAnita  -  Educational Aide 740-721-0520 Ext: 3060
[Email] for Anita Mcfann [Profile] for Anita Mcfann
MeadowsShaina  -  Psychologist 740-721-0520 Ext: 3005
[Email] for Shaina Meadows [Profile] for Shaina Meadows
MerckleCindy  -  EMIS Secretary 740-721-0520 Ext: 3006
[Email] for Cindy Merckle [Profile] for Cindy Merckle
MillsHeather  -  Custodian
[Email] for Heather Mills [Profile] for Heather Mills
MinnichBrea  -  Teacher
[Email] for Brea Minnich [Profile] for Brea Minnich
MooreGinelle  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3052
[Email] for Ginelle Moore [Profile] for Ginelle Moore
NaylorDawn  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3051
[Email] for Dawn Naylor [Profile] for Dawn Naylor
NilsenAbigail  -  HS English Teacher
[Email] for Abigail Nilsen [Profile] for Abigail Nilsen
NovotniKasiey  -  Teacher
[Email] for Kasiey Novotni [Profile] for Kasiey Novotni
OsborneJoy  -  Educational Aide
[Email] for Joy Osborne [Profile] for Joy Osborne
PaigeEd  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1117
[Email] for Ed Paige [Profile] for Ed Paige
PalonisKristen  -  Teacher
[Email] for Kristen Palonis [Profile] for Kristen Palonis
PattonJoy  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3092
[Email] for Joy Patton [Profile] for Joy Patton
PaulsonCynthia  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3170
[Email] for Cynthia Paulson [Profile] for Cynthia Paulson
PettetTammy  -  Cook
[Email] for Tammy Pettet [Profile] for Tammy Pettet
PlantAngela  -  Gifted Coordinator 740-721-0520 Ext: 3168
[Email] for Angela Plant [Profile] for Angela Plant
PostKylie  -  Educational Aide
[Email] for Kylie Post [Profile] for Kylie Post
PostMonica  -  Educational Aide
[Email] for Monica Post [Profile] for Monica Post
PriceLareesa  -  Teacher
[Email] for Lareesa Price [Profile] for Lareesa Price
PuckettSara  -  Testing Coordinator 740-721-0520 Ext: 3164
[Email] for Sara Puckett [Profile] for Sara Puckett
ReedCris  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Cris Reed [Profile] for Cris Reed
ReedMike  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Mike Reed [Profile] for Mike Reed
RichardsHeidi  -  Pre-School Intervention Specialist
[Email] for Heidi Richards [Profile] for Heidi Richards
RobeJustin  -  HS Math Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1119
[Email] for Justin Robe [Profile] for Justin Robe
RuckDeputy  -  School Resource Officer
[Email] for Deputy Ruck [Profile] for Deputy Ruck
SampsonKathy  -  EMIS Coordinator 740-721-0520 Ext: 3008
[Email] for Kathy Sampson [Profile] for Kathy Sampson
ScottDominic  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1110
[Email] for Dominic Scott [Profile] for Dominic Scott
SearlesDianna  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Dianna Searles [Profile] for Dianna Searles
ShoemakerJeff  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1103
[Email] for Jeff Shoemaker [Profile] for Jeff Shoemaker
SmathersBrooklyn  -  Elementary Intervention Specialist
[Email] for Brooklyn Smathers [Profile] for Brooklyn Smathers
SmithMitchell  -  Teacher
[Email] for Mitchell Smith [Profile] for Mitchell Smith
StackpoleCaitlyn  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3070
[Email] for Caitlyn Stackpole [Profile] for Caitlyn Stackpole
StarlinAmy  -  Elementary Administrative Assistant 740-721-0520 Ext: 3000
[Email] for Amy Starlin [Profile] for Amy Starlin
StephensLance  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1101
[Email] for Lance Stephens [Profile] for Lance Stephens
StoverMichael  -  Assistant Treasurer 740-721-0520 Ext: 4003
[Email] for Michael Stover [Profile] for Michael Stover
TalbertJaclyn  -  Intervention Specialist
[Email] for Jaclyn Talbert [Profile] for Jaclyn Talbert
TeggeMegan  -  School Counselor 740-721-0520 Ext: 3007
[Email] for Megan Tegge [Profile] for Megan Tegge
ThomasAngie  -  Teacher
[Email] for Angie Thomas [Profile] for Angie Thomas
ThompsonAmy  -  Educational Aide
[Email] for Amy Thompson [Profile] for Amy Thompson
TothJames  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3166
[Email] for James Toth [Profile] for James Toth
TraceyAutumn  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3167
[Email] for Autumn Tracey [Profile] for Autumn Tracey
VannAbbie  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3102
[Email] for Abbie Vann [Profile] for Abbie Vann
VanwayBrian  -  Custodian
[Email] for Brian Vanway [Profile] for Brian Vanway
VanwayWill  -  Custodian
[Email] for Will Vanway [Profile] for Will Vanway
WalterRyan  -  Intervention Specialist
[Email] for Ryan Walter [Profile] for Ryan Walter
WeisScott  -  Science Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 1106
[Email] for Scott Weis [Profile] for Scott Weis
WickhamKeista  -  District Administrative Assistant
[Email] for Keista Wickham [Profile] for Keista Wickham
WickhamTina  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Tina Wickham [Profile] for Tina Wickham
WilliamsSusan  -  Cook
[Email] for Susan Williams [Profile] for Susan Williams
WilsonChloe  -  Voag Instructor
[Email] for Chloe Wilson [Profile] for Chloe Wilson
WilsonKristen  -  Teacher 740-721-0520 Ext: 3154
[Email] for Kristen Wilson [Profile] for Kristen Wilson
WilsonRikki  -  School Outreach
[Email] for Rikki Wilson [Profile] for Rikki Wilson
WollettPeggy  -  Educational Aide
[Email] for Peggy Wollett [Profile] for Peggy Wollett