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Last Updated: 4/5/2021 7:20 PM

Southern Local Schools

The mission of Southern Local Schools is to provide a quality, child-centered education where all students can succeed.

Southern Local School Reopening Plan (Preliminary Brief Version)

School Reopening Update as of 7/28/20

Southern Local Schools
2020-2021 School Re-opening plan
Miller High School – Millcreek Elementary School

The following is a brief description of our plans to re-open school for the 2020-2021 school year. Keep in mind that these plans are “at this moment” and could change as conditions change and/or as guidance from public health authorities change.

The school calendar will begin with staff reporting on August 13th, and the first day of school for students on August 24th. The student start date could change if orders and/or guidance from local and state health authorities changes. Start times will be the same; however, dismissal times will be adjusted to roughly 1:30 for HS and 2:30 for the elementary.

Students who choose to physically return to school will attend school on campus 5 days per week.
Students choosing the remote learning option will attend school at home or other location off campus 5 days per week. We are preparing to flexibly move between on-site and remote learning as necessary.
If we are directed to significantly reduce the number of students we have on site, we will strive to continue to serve each student on-site to the extent possible with an emphasis on early learners, students with special needs, and those with unreliable or no internet service.

We will provide a Chromebook or other device, as much as possible, to students in grades 4-12 for remote learning. Internet is available in schools and a hotspot was installed at the school parking lot.
We are working to locate hotspots in various locations throughout the school district.

We are working to schedule core class sizes below classroom capacity. Students will be spaced apart at desks and tables. Student supplies will not be shared and materials will be sanitized after each use.
Hand sanitizer and/or handwashing stations will be in each classroom.

For times when students are changing rooms/locations times will be staggered.
Maximum occupancy signs will be posted for bathrooms.

Students will eat breakfast in classrooms. Cafeterias will be below 50% occupancy with staggered transitions. Some students will be eating lunch in classrooms. Students and staff will wash hands before and after lunches. We will use disposable trays, utensils, and individual condiments packets as much as possible.

Students and staff will do daily home COVID-19 screening and stay home if sick or have symptoms.
Staff must wear masks unless it is unsafe or interferes with the learning process (as directed by the health authorities). Students are strongly encouraged to wear masks and grades 3-12 may be required to wear masks at times. Frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing will be scheduled. Students will be instructed of proper hygiene.

All students will be required to wear a mask while riding on a school bus or other school transportation.
We will attempt to have two students per seat and sit families together on buses when possible. We will disinfect buses after each route. We will stagger bus loading and unloading.
Students will report to classrooms or designated areas upon entering school buildings.

Visitors wil remain in cars for student pickup and drop off.
We will have no non-essential visitors.
We will implement increased and rigorous cleaning and sanitizing routines and schedules.

Remote Learning Option

Parents should notify the school as soon as possible if you are planning to choose our Remote Learning option. That can be done by filling out this online form,deadline on this form is Friday August 7th. Deadline to choose remote learning is Friday August 14th.


An online program will be provided for families who choose this option and have internet access.
For on-line learning we will be using Google Classroom, Zoom meetings, videos and various other delivery methods.

For those without internet access we will be using recorded lessons, paper packets and various other delivery methods.

For all remote learning methods, the students will have a designated time to access their teacher via phone, email, or other methods. Students in the remote learning program may participate in sports if they meet eligibility criteria.

Families may change from remote to on-site learning at each quarter. In order to prepare for students re-entering school, please notify the school 3 weeks before the quarter your student will change from online to on-site learning.

We will keep stakeholders informed as conditions and plans change.

A more detailed plan will be shared as we get closer to the school start date and plans are finalized.

Remote Learning Guidelines

Remote Learning Signup

Chromebook Handbook

Infinite Campus - Parent Portal

Title I Parent Compact

Parents' Right to Know

Parent and Family Engagement

Parent Involvement in Engagement

Student Insurance Application


OH Grievance Notice


Video Tutorials on How to Change Setting in Google Drive to Download Files for Offline Use

How to change your settings in Google Drive so that you can download and work with files offline in Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.



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How to Download a PDF and Submit Work



Remote Learners Attendance Check-in Policy

Letter from Superintendent Regarding Student Changes in Learning Option

School Counseling Referral Forms

"Elementary School Counseling Self-Referral Form link:

Elementary School Counseling Parent Referral Form link:

**PLEASE NOTE: If it's an emergency or the student wants to hurt
themselves or others; please call 911 instead. Requests are not processed
immediately and may be reviewed up to two days following the request
submission. All school personnel are mandated reporters and are obligated
to report issues of suspected child abuse/neglect.** "