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Contact Information

Addey Headlee, High School Counselor - Addey.Headlee@southernlocal.org

Megan Tegge, Elementary Guidance Counselor  - Megan.Tegge@southernlocal.org


Anyone wishing to enroll at Southern Local School District must come onsite to complete the registration paperwork.


2020-2021 Course Registration Handbook

Updated April 2020

2020 - 2021 Registration Information by Grade


Please refer to the information below for registration.  You will refer to the grade you will be going into for the 2020-2021 school year. For example, if you are currently a Freshman, you will refer to the Sophomore section below for your registration information video and Sophomore Registration Form, etc. 


Please right click and "save link as" for each of the pdf registration forms below.  They are fillable PDFs which you should be able to fill out on your PDF program and save on your computer to return to Mrs. Headlee.


If you have any questions please email Mrs Headlee at the email address above. 




Senior Registration Form 




Junior Registration Form 




Sophomore Registration Form 




Freshman Registration Form


8th Graders:

8th Grade Registration Form